Machine installation

Professional installation of machinery

The main area of the Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. consists of full-scope realisation of the installation projects.

We offer professional solution to our clients in the area of installation of factories or machinery and the relocation of the production lines in the entire country, even from abroad.

Installation of machinery – why is it worth choosing us?

Our company has vast experience in the installation of machinery. Our highly skilled mechanics, qualified welders are able to modify, alter or relocate any production line or machinery at professional level.

Based on the experience of our clients we have become one of the main players of the domestic market in the area of services of machinery installation.

It is important for us to perform the machinery installation according to our clients’ needs in excellent quality. We always realise the partners’ ideas fast and professionally. We do not differentiate between the small and big companies, we are open to every client and our experts try to answer every question according to their best knowledge.

Installation of machinery – go for sure!

Our company has been offering its machinery installation services for 15 years at professional level, on good technical base and with excellent quality. We perform the full-scope installation work based on the execution plan. We always document our work. Our highly experienced professionals understand and comply with our customer-oriented philosophy. Our primary objective aims that every client is satisfied with the work provided by us.

We pay high attention to the existing assets of the clients as well as to insure our activity. Our company has taken out assembling and construction insurance at one of the country’s leading insurers. In addition the full-scope general employer’s and service providing liability insurance (all over Europe) guarantees the professional and excellent work for our partners. In order to assure the high quality and work processes the company has implemented the ISO 9001/2015 and the ISO 14001/2015 quality management systems.

We take over your machinery installation tasks!

During the machinery installation there are frequent problems, therefore it is worth assigning a professional company with the task. The Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. takes the clients’ needs into consideration and performs the industrial-technical management, machinery-installing and incurring maintenance works.

Should you have any question in connection with the machinery-installation service, do not hesitate to contact us!