Factory relocation

Factory relocation – we help!

It is a huge task to move an entire factory with its equipment, machinery, instruments and all the other things then rebuild everything in another place.

In case of such and similar problems you need professionals with the proper expertise and knowledge.

It is not easy to find a company that is able to relocate the factory several hundreds of kilometres away and deal with the related tasks.

However the Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. is able to take over the related burden from you.


Why is it worth choosing us?

One of the main areas of the Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. consists of relocation of factories and we have been performing it for 15 years at professional level in the entire country. Our highly qualified professionals with several decades of experience are able to perform the tasks that are related to the relocation.

Besides the entire inner equipment we are relocating the machinery, the instruments and all the other things safely to the new premises – that may be even several hundreds of kilometres from the original location.

We aim to meets the needs and technical ideas of the clients at professional level. In case of small and big factories: it is not a problem for our professionals. In every case we are supplying our clients with documented work of excellent quality.

Besides the full-scope general employer’s and service provider’s liability insurance we have taken out assembling and construction insurance at one of the country’s leading insurers. We think it is important for our clients that they can consider their assets in safety and the high-value equipment in the factory. In addition we aim that every client gets satisfied with the services offered by us.

In this regard we work with professional and experienced experts who have already participated several hundreds of times in factory-relocation-related tasks. Due to our customer-oriented philosophy you will get answers for every question since the uniform management, the team leaders and the colleagues working together for long always try to make the clients satisfied with the provided work.

Factory relocation – leave to us!

Factory relocation is not a usual activity. The difficult tasks require to choose a reliable company with vast experience. The Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. takes over the burdens of factory relocation! Our professionals try to answer your questions according to their best knowledge, in this way you can be sure we are performing top quality work that meets your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!