About us

Factory and machinery installation, relocation of production lines even from abroad all over the country.

From planning to turn-key handover, with our own lifting machinery and skilled professionals.

The main area of the company: carrying out installation projects.

The activities include the reparation, renovation, winding of electric motors respectively maintenance of machinery.

As the result of the on-going professional and machinery development we are offering full-scope services for the installation of machinery and factory.

From the planning and assembling works to the transportation of machinery within the factory and between the sites, to the establishing of the entire infrastructure, electric and pipeline system, to the final tests and the handover.

Our philosophy:

Carrying out our clients’ assignments of machinery installation, renovation of power machines, maintenance – at excellent quality. We aim to realise our partners’ technical ideas.

We react quickly when we are contacted, we always provide correct answers. We fulfil the orders fast and efficiently with skilled and knowledgeable personnel. We provide solutions for the challenges. Our services help in making our clients available and improve their delivery to their partners.

Our strategy:

During the past 15 years we shaped the processes within the company that form the base of the documented and quality work. The management is uniform, the team leaders and the old colleagues understand and comply with the customer-oriented philosophy.

We aim to make use of the market opportunities with a good technical base and with a professional team. We focus our technological, technical and HR development activities on these objectives.


In order to insure our clients’ existing assets and our activity we pay high attention, in this way we have full-scope (for Europe) general, employer’s and service provider’s liability insurance – with outstanding compensation limits. In addition our company has taken out assembling and construction insurance at one of the country’s top insurance companies.


In order to assure the work-processes and the high quality we implemented the ISO 9001/2015 and the ISO 14001/2015 quality management systems.