Machinery installation

We are the most well-equipped installing firm in the area. We own our vehicles and are free to organise transports and all the external work of our maintenance and machinery installation experts. We also undertake the filtering and refilling of lubricants within equipment together with on-the-spot cleaning: in this way we carry out a machinery installation process fully satisfying complex environmental protection considerations.


  • Installing and initiating  whole productions lines and fittings
  • Planning the installation of whole production lines
  • Special machinery installation on and between premises
  • Professional transportation, dissembling and on-the-spot assembling of mechanical, hydraulic stamping machines
  • Transportation, and installation of heavy machinery and components
  • Planning and constructing of factories and machinery as prime contractors
  • Full installation of machinery and production lines (Including electrical connections to the mains/disconnections, connections to air network and shock-protection measurements)

We have very skilled and experienced experts and all the necessary instruments for installation. Our levers are suitable for modern industrial synthetic resin surfaces.