Machinery maintenance

Professional maintenance of machinery

The companies dealing with industrial production need professional machinery to produce the company’s products of the proper quality and quantity. In order to make this happen efficiently it is indispensable that every machine operates impeccably and in the best possible condition.

Even the smallest error may cause big concern – it may happen that in case of a minor or major failure waste is being produced.

And this can cause huge damage to the company.

This it is very important to regularly maintain the machines which is not an easy task.

We have to know – among others – the structure and functioning of the machines, therefore it requires special knowledge. Lacking this unfortunately we are aggravating the problem, instead of solving it. This it is important to choose the right company.

Machinery maintenance at the best quality

The Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. works together with the professionals with top knowledge and multi-decade experience.

Their up-to-date knowledge is assured by the on-going training. They solve every problem professionally, according to their best knowledge.

During the maintenance and repair we are always using the best materials, assuring the excellent work and the customers’ satisfaction. We try to keep improving in regards of the used materials and technology.

The primary objective of the company to take over the burden of maintenance from the partners. We always meet our clients’ needs and realise their technical ideas according to our best knowledge and professionally. We always perform fast, documented work that corresponds to the technical and technological needs.

Our company has taken out assembling and construction insurance, as well as general employer’s and service provider’s liability insurance, with outstanding compensation limits. For the full safety and maximal satisfaction of our clients we implemented the ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2015 quality management systems.

Full-scope maintenance of machinery

The Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. has been providing the full-scope machinery-maintenance service for 15 years. The highly qualified professionals, the reliable sub-contractors, the excellent quality of the used materials and the huge experience assure satisfaction for every client. If you need professional experts, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our colleagues help with their best knowledge to solve any problem.