Electro-motor winding

Electro-motor winding in a professional way

The wrong electric equipment items such as the electro-motors can be rather dangerous.

Should you perceive a problem when using such equipment, it is worth immediately contacting the proper experts who quickly and in a proper way perform the assigned tasks. Our company is assisting in such cases.

Winding of electro-motors – choose us!

The Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. has 15 years experience in the area of electro-motor winding. During the years we have become one of the key players in the domestic market, due to the several hundreds of pleased customers. Our experts have the required skills and knowledge and with the multi-decade experience. During the reparation we use materials of excellent quality only.

We never differentiate between the small and big companies, we provide the best service to every client. Our main objective consists of meeting the clients’ needs and performing the assigned tasks quickly and within deadline and efficiently.

We think it is important to pay attention to the safety of the clients’ existing assets.

We perform the winding, renovation and reparation of the following equipment items through on-site error-finding, renovation and according to needs:

  • inducers
  • transformers
  • electric clutches and electro-magnetic coils
  • magnetic tables and lifting magnets
  • Dc and AC rotary machines
  • adjusting transformers
  • dynamic balancing of rotary parts and axes

At the majority of the multinational companies operating in Hungary we perform occasional or regular works of this kind. So far our clients were always pleased with the services provided by us.

Professional electro-motor winding

Our full-scope electro-motor winding and reparation is available in the entire country at a favourable price. Our company has full-scope insurance, in this way guaranteeing the excellent quality. Among others we implemented the ISO 9001/2015 and the ISO 14001/2015 quality management systems that assure the professional services provided for the clients.

The essence of our technological, technical and HR development activities consists of supplying our clients with the quality required by them.

Should you have questions in connection with the electro-motor winding service, do not hesitate to contact us! Our colleagues with the highest knowledge and experience are open to answer your questions and help with any issue.