Ipartechnika Menedzser Kft. was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Rába Rt. and taking over their highly experienced staff of maintenance and installation professionals that possess several years of know-how. The company’s main profile is the realisation of installation projects. The scope of activities includes repairs, renewals of electric engines and machine maintenance as well. As a result of the continuous professional development and the expansion of our machine park, we are able to provide complete machine and factory installation services. Our activities include but are not limited to planning and assembly, through deliveries within factories and between plants, up to the construction of full infrastructure, electric network and pipe networks, final tests and turn-key deliveries.


The ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2004 quality management systems have been introduced in order to insure the work processes and high quality.

Insurance contracts:

Our Company pays special attention to insure our Clients’ existing assets and our activities therefore we have comprehensive general, employer and service-provider liability insurance contracts (includes the area of Europe) – with outstanding damage compensation limits. In addition, our enterprise has a valid fitting and construction insurance contract with one of the leading insurance companies in Hungary.


1 . Machine – installation tasks in projectsystems :

-001We are one of the specialised professional firms in Hungary for machine installation task. Our staff members with several years of experiences guarantee that we are able to install any kinds of machines, equipment professionally to the location specified by our Client. We plan and execute the complete displacement, start-up of whole factories. We possess our own vehicles, cranes, hoisting and assembly machines. All the tools and equipment are available to us in order to fulfil our tasks professionally. Our hoisting equipment can be used also on modern industrial surfaces made of resin. We are aiming at minimising the risks to the highest possible extent when deploying our activities.

Our human resources:
At the moment we have 30 staff members for fulfilling our tasks which number can be increased to 50 very shortly by involving our constant subcontractors.

  • -002Project engineers – English language skills, technical qualification, good drawing-interpretation skills, projectmanagement experiences, spotless IT qualification; experiences of 5 to 10 years
  • Team leaders – highly experienced in constructions, good drawing interpretation skills, knowledge of safety regulations and standards, IT qualification necessary for the jobs, participation in physical jobs; experiences of 20 to 30 years
  • Engine fitters – experiences of 5 to 15 years
  • Electricians – experiences of 5 to 20 years
  • Crane operators – experiences of 10 to 25 years

What we undertake:

  • Planning, realising complete factory and machine installation as main contractors
  • Constructing the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic networks of machines, manufacturing lines and ventilation engineering assemblies
  • Gas engineering assemblies
  • Filling, filtering lubricants in compliance with the valid aspects of environmental protection

Planning and execute metal industry tasks:

Our Firm is able to produce detailed plans and modify existing detailed plans by the aid of subcontracted designers that use Pro-engineering and AutoCad software programs (even in 3D) by meeting the Clients’ expectations. Due to our complete metal industry background, we are able to execute plans fast and in
good quality. As we have experienced, the fast, flexibly reacting metal-industry background is very important for large investments.

Providing cranes and hoisting machines:

By using the services of our Partners, we can supply cranes with hoisting capacities between 12.5 and 200 T installed on the spot for large investments at more advantageous prices than usual. Furthermore, we are able to supply self-powered tool-wagons; equipment provided with work-decks and to insure complete service background for them against also advantageous costs. Other contractors participating in the investments can hire such equipment from our Firm.

2 . Repairing and renewing electrical machines :

Winding, repair of direct-current and alternative-current devices, renewing electric engines and dynamical balancing of rotating axes and parts /we are the most
important electric engine renewing service providers of Audi Motor Kft. /.We have several years of experiences in the renewal of engines of various sizes and powers.-005

-007What we undertake:

  • Direct-current and alternative current rotating machines from 1 kW up to 300 kW
  • Transformers up to 5 kVA
  •  Generators
  •  Electric hoisting magnets
  • Magnet-tables
  •  Electromagnetic coils
  •  Electric clutches
  •  Matching transformers
  •  Dynamic balancing of rotating parts, axes between weight limits of 3 kg and 350 kg up to a
    diameter of 850 mm

3 . Renewing , maintaining turning  machines :

Our Firm has several decades of experiences in the operation maintenance of industrial equipment, manufacturing assets and machines. Based on contracts, we undertake to elaborate, establish and operate the planned, preventive maintenance systems of machines, production lines and whole factories.

What we undertake:

  • Renewal planning of turning machines, hot-operation machines and electric engines
  •  Trouble-shooting maintenance of traditional turning machines
  •  Instrument-aided diagnostics
  •  Electrician jobs in industrial networks
  •  Shock protection measurements
  •  Fitting of distribution networks and end-points

We are looking forward to your respectful inquiries!