Maintenance – Machine production

Our company has decades of experience in the maintenance of industrial fittings, manufacturing equipment and machines. Whether there is a problem to be solved or special maintenance is needed our company is at your disposal.

We undertake:

  • Troubleshooting maintenance of ordinary cutting machines and processing centres (our experts have many years of experience in this)
  • Industrial diagnostics
  • Programming
  • Industrial mains installations
  • Shock-protection measurements
  • Installation of distribution mains and ends
  • Full range of lubricant tending, on-the-spot cleaning of fittings


  • Rába Axle Ltd.
  • Rába Vehicle Ltd.
  • Wild Manufacturing Hungary, Ászár
  • Huber Packing Group Ltd. Győr
  • STS Technology Ltd. Győr
  • Graboplast Corp. Győr